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Get your Swap Safe ID

Fill out our quick and simple online form to obtain your Swap Safe ID number. It doesn't matter whether you are the seller or a potential buyer. You will receive an easy-to-remember "swap id" to share with the other party.

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Meet at our place

Choose from any of our secure locations in San Diego, CA for a secure person-to-person meeting. Sellers can even drop off their electronics and small items for buyer inspection, so both parties can exchange at their convenience.

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Transact with confidence

Potential buyers deposit the full price of the item with our tellers to check it out for inspection. Power up electronics or even test drive an automobile to make the right decision for you. Sellers can come collect the cash by the end of the day!

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Local cash deals. Without ever meeting face to face.

Use our one-of-a-kind Drop & Sell™ service for a hassle free, safe transaction. The seller drops their item with our clerk, and we secure it until the potential buyer arrives with the asking price in cash that allows them to inspect and test the item. After the completed sale, we notify the seller their cash is ready for pickup.

Local cash deals

Simple & affordable. Peace of mind in minutes.

Choose between a "vehicle" or an "other item" swap. Give us a short description of what you are selling, and let us know the agreed-upon price. It's just $10 a swap! ($30 for cars and trucks.)

Peace of mind in minutes

Someone who understands. Safety first.

Swap Safe was created by a veteran police detective with one simple goal in mind: Keep people safe while they meet with strangers to sell or purchase items. We've got your back.

Someone who understands